Classic Car Ownership

At a time when all cars are designed in a wind-tunnel and look so similar that it is hard to identify one from another, classic car owners are privileged to own and to drive a distinctive, characterful, instantly recognisable vehicle that everyone will envy.

Classic car ownership is fun! It can be about tinkering with and improving or restoring your car, if that is what you enjoy, but mostly it is about pure driving pleasure, tradition, history and your own precious memories. In addition, classic car prices keep going up to make owning one a sound investment.

About Us

Choice Classic Cars Limited is a privately owned business, proudly offering selected vintage, veteran and modern classic cars for sale. We sell vehicles ranging from American muscle cars and pickups, through classic British icons, to European thoroughbreds. We import most of our cars from South Africa, where most cars are RHD and are routinely garaged and in good condition. We chose quality over quantity and many of our cars are unique and all have a story to tell.

We believe our customers deserve our full and undivided care and attention while they are with us and considering their classic car purchase. Thus all viewings are by appointment only. Please contact us to arrange a viewing.